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Intercessors Arise!

It is a difficult hour in which we live as God is preparing to gather His people together again. In these trying times people have been scattered by the “horns of the gentiles” as spoken of in the book of Zechariah (Zech 1:18 – 21) There is a need to pray and seek the Lord to raise up the “craftsman” that Zechariah saw. This ministry will arise in the earth to undo the work of the four horns of the gentiles that has scattered the people of God. May the Lord put it upon your hearts to pray for the “Peace of Jerusalem”; not natural Jerusalem which is of the earth, but that heavenly city that comes down from above crowned with the Glory and approval of the heavenly Bridegroom. Let us pray with all the passion within us to see this Body of Christ arise out of the shambles of man’s ways. Pray that the Lord would cleanse us from the selfishness of our hearts and that we would begin once again to walk in the passion of the Love of Jesus Christ. This is the only motivation that will bring forth a true ministry in the earth. May the Lord stoke the fires of your altars to do battle in the heavenlies as never before! Though you may feel out of sync with what is happening around you, rest assured, as you function in the ministry of intercession and prayer that you are in the very thick of the battle. Be encouraged to ‘press on in the purposes of God’, concerning the ministry that He has laid upon you. Even though with the natural eye you may behold chaos and disorder be assured that in the Spirit there are great things being accomplished. Remember Daniel who fasted and prayed for three weeks that God would arise; during those three weeks he saw nothing new. Yet when the angel of the Lord appeared he was given to understand the nature of the battle that had been waged in the spirit for those three weeks. We must not walk by sight but by faith and the understanding of God’s purposes. Pray that the Lord will ignite a new intensity in prayer that you have never known before. All of the ministries of God need prayer warriors in the body to enlarge their entrance into the precious things of God.

Remember also the word concerning Jael. She was faithful to the Lord and in the midst of all the battles taking place she slew the General of the enemies of Israel in her own living room. God will accomplish great things through His hidden warriors in the confines of their secret chambers. Be encouraged. Look unto the heavens and not on the things of the earth. May His Spirit birth within you a new sense of purpose in this day of preparation. Prior to every great move of His Spirit there has been a powerful ministration of intercession, prayer and praise unto our God.

May the Lord enable you to be a source of encouragement to others and be found with lamps burning as the midnight cry of the Bridegroom goes forth in an hour that many will miss.

Brian Troxel

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