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“And this shall come to pass
if you diligently obey the voice of the Lord your God”

There is a connection between the promise of a thing that is to come to pass and the people of God; “IF” denotes a personal choice within the heart of the people to whom the thing is promised. We want the promises; God desires willing and obedient hearts. We want the promises; God wants men who can govern, walk and abide in the promises. The obedience required for the promise to come to pass is in itself the WAY that the character of a man is developed to enable him to abide in the fulfillment of the thing promised. The promise of the Kingdom to David was followed by a life of obedience and rejection. The very things that may be difficult now are God’s WAY of preparing us for the call that HE has given. Many want the HIGH CALL but few there are that choose to walk in the humility and graces of the Son. To stand for HIS TRUTH, to cry out against the lukewarm expressions of this hour, to feel the impotency of this thing men call church, to long for that expression of HIS MAJESTY in our lives, and to be ready to forsake all things for the acquisition of the ONE THING, is LIFE. Humility is simply being free from the opinions of men, living a life free from self and self pity, and being always aware that NO FLESH will ever glory in HIS PRESENCE! Humility is the expression of a LIFE that is free from self will, self seeking and self protection. To whatever degree we know the wonder of this grace let us seek to see HIM more clearly and to love HIM more dearly.

Without obedience there can never be an entering in to all that HE has purposed for us. We fellowship and gather together that we may know HIS pre-eminence in our midst corporately so that we may walk it out individually.

Love ever serves the thing it loves.

Humility and Obedience cannot be separated for obedience IS the offspring of Humility.

And being found in fashion as a man, he humbled himself,
and became obedient unto death, even the death of the cross

Brian Troxel


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