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The Eloquence Born of Love

The Eloquence of Love

“For Your ointments have a lovely fragrance;
Your name is as ointment poured out;
on account of this the virgins love You”
Song of Songs 1:3 (LITV)

The righteous flourish in the fragrance of His anointing. It is because of His fragrance that His Name “pours” from the lips of His Own. The uneducated fishermen, the tax collectors, and the (former) political zealots, intoxicated by the fragrance of the person of Christ, became ministrations of Him into the world around them.

When the disciples were threatened to not speak any more concerning the Name of Jesus, they could only respond with a simplicity from the well-spring of love:

“for we cannot but speak
of what we have seen and heard”
Acts 4:20 (ESV)

As we spend time with Him, His aroma, His love and His presence overcomes our hearts. There is an unction caused by our breathing in of His “ointments”; our utterances become the “pen of the ready writer” (KJV)…

“My heart overflows with a pleasing theme;
I address my verses to the king;
my tongue is like the pen of a ready scribe”
Psalm 45:1 (ESV)

There is an “overflowing” of the well of His person to those who allow the love of Him to capture their hearts. True ministry is the outflow of a heart enamored with Him. The inabilities, the fears, and the weaknesses of the flesh are eviscerated by the power of His love. The stuttering of Moses, the shyness of Timothy, the stubbornness of Jonah, and countless other propensities of human nature are overcome by His fragrance.

The power within those captivated by the the Law of His Life creates an eloquence that eclipses the impediments of fallen man!

“Let the redeemed of the Lord say so”
Psalm 107:2

Love is the language of the redeemed.

Those who live and grow within the sphere of THIS love cannot involve themselves in the issues of the day or “entangle themselves in the affairs of this world” (2 Timothy 2:4) for it only distracts from the beauty of the ointment.

“For Your ointments have a lovely fragrance;
Your name is as ointment poured out;
on account of this the virgins love You”
Song of Songs 1:3 (LITV)

His fragrance produces “virgins” who love Him and declare Him to the world around them. The “virgins” of God are not the result of some strict religious code or the strivings of the natural man; they are the inevitable consequence of the love of God.

“When the heart is right,
the tongue will be eloquent for God”
Joseph Parker

The Love of God

“Could we with ink the ocean fill
And were the skies of parchment made
Were every stalk on earth a quill
And every man a scribe by trade
To write the love of God above
Would drain the ocean dry
Nor could the scroll contain the whole
Though stretched from sky to sky”
Meir Ben Isaac Nehorai

The love of God loosens the tongue and frees the heart; His presence clothes us with joy.

“…in thy presence is fulness of joy”
Psalm 16:11

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