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The City of God – “Come”

“Come, I will show you the bride,
the wife of the Lamb”
Revelation 21:9

The invitation John received into the unfolding revelation of Jesus Christ was precipitated by his walk on the earth.

“I, John, who [am] also your brother, and fellow-partner in the tribulation, and in the kingdom and endurance of Jesus Christ, was in the island that is called Patmos, because of the word of God, and because of the testimony of Jesus Christ; I was in the Spirit on the LORD’s Day, and I heard a great voice behind me, as of a trumpet, saying…”
Revelation 1:9-10

John’s walk was characterized by his being a partaker in tribulation (“because of his testimony of Jesus Christ”). He was walking in “the Spirit” and was aware of the “Lord’s Day”. He heard the voice and the trumpet of God. To see heavenly things and to be affected by them, requires a corresponding walk here with Him who is the truth.


One of the key words in John’s experience of this unfolding revelation is the word “come”. It is the same word Jesus used in His invitation to the world, those who are lost, hurting, and bruised by the tribulations of this life. It is a word often spoken to His disciples and to the seekers of His day. It is a word that requires a response; it necessitates movement on our part. “Come” infers that I leave the place I am at to go to the place where I am directed. To remain unmoved, unaffected, is to miss the vital call to the unfolding revelation of Jesus Christ. This movement and this response are wrapped up in obedience.

John’s testimony “I was in the Spirit” attests to his obedience. It is from this spiritual reality he was afforded the grand unveiling of Christ’s return, the enormity of heavenly forces, the movements of God, and their corresponding dynamics upon the earth. The words of this book may be read, debated, and discussed, but their impact and wonder will be minimal without the corresponding movement of obedience on our part.

The Revelation of Christ will always be on the lines of relationship, not intellect.

“The secret of Jehovah is with those who fear Him;
and He will make them know His covenant”
Psalm 25:14 (LITV)

(An excerpt from a series
Titled the City of God)

Brian Troxel


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