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Flowers or Fruit

“They that dwell under His shadow shall return; they shall revive as the corn and blossom as the vine.”
Hosea 14:7

“Whoever gave much thought to the vine-blossom! It is in fact one of the shortest-lived of flowers, scarcely noticed before it is gone and has already turned to fruit. In nature, we may recognize three types of plants: those which flower but bear no fruit at all; those, such as the peach, which are remarkable both for their blossom and for their fruit; and those like the vine, whose blossoms are of small account, and which men prize only for their fruit. Evidently, God places here a high valuation on the last of these.

How tempted we are to display what is impressive to men, a blossom to be admired! But the father has set us as branches in the Vine. There, what He seeks above all is fruit-bearing.”
Watchman Nee

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