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Elements of Faith – Conversion

“The law of the Lord is perfect,
converting* the soul”
Psalm 19:7

Within the element of faith is the capacity to be moved and converted by the power of His Living Word!

The Word of God shining forth in its perfection is the very breath of heaven to every soul bound in the prison of self. It is filled with power that converts and transforms an individual’s heart with the liberty and freedom of Christ. For those who hear His voice and call there is an unmistakable life of change. This New LIFE dissolves the chaos and emptiness of human existence.

Conversion is the evidence of a life that has embraced this Living Word. Faith is the evidence of the Word’s power; it moves and motivates the people of God. It is bursting with vitality and a quest for more of Him from whom it originated. This faith cannot be defined by the words of men nor captured by a statement. It is the very breath of God breathed into fallen souls to bring forth a whole new creation.

By faith ………… Abraham went out
By faith ……….. Sarah received strength
By faith ……….. Noah was moved with fear
By faith ……….. Moses forsook Egypt
By faith …….… The walls of Jericho fell down

Faith is the mover of men and women by the power of God. It is demonstrative, active, and living.

“Then faith is of hearing,
and hearing through the Word of God”
Romans 10:17



“A man cannot redeem himself— redemption is the work of God, and is absolutely finished and complete. And its application to individual people is a matter of their own individual action or response to it. A distinction must always be made between the revealed truth of redemption and the actual conscious experience of salvation in a person’s life.”
– Oswald Chambers


*Note: Converting – 1d) Hebrew stem used here: (Hiphil) to cause to return, bring back (Briggs-Driver-Brown)

There is within the wonder of God’s Word the divine enablement for repentance and restoration. They who abide in its influence will know of the shepherd’s great care in turning us from our ways unto His. One of the great elements of faith is the continual conversion of soul and the softening of our hearts unto Him. It is the very nature of faith to be moved and continually converted by the power of His Living Word!

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Brian Troxel

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