“He that overcometh shall inherit all things;
and I will be his God, and he shall be my son”

Throughout the New Testament we read much about faith and confession yet here in the Last Book of the Bible we read more about overcoming; we read of being called, chosen and faithful. We read of great suffering where all that is dark and evil rises up in great wrath upon all who would live “godly in Christ Jesus.” We read the letters written to the seven Churches where there is much amiss with sin, compromise and lost love. Worst of all we read of one church that shows Jesus on the outside knocking at the door seeking for any individual to open to Him. To each of these churches in their various stages of weakness, compromise and decay we hear the promise of Him saying to “him (individually) that overcomes will I GIVE…” The promise is not to those who say “Lord, Lord…”. The promise is not to those who have great understanding. The promise is to those who by a living faith have discovered in HIM the very LIFE to overcome all the trials and testings that they have encountered. To be sons of God is more than a simple statement of faith; it is more than a teaching, more than an association with a church or teacher. It is a life that reveals the only begotten ONE; a life of identification with the ONE who has overcome all things. It is in knowing that without HIM we can do nothing, but IN HIM we can do all things. Sonship is revealed in the lives of those who are being weaned from earthly agendas, religious affiliations, and causes to support. Our commonality with one another is because we live and move in HIM. We turn our back upon the things that have divided and secularized HIS CHURCH; we place no confidence in anything other than Christ Jesus our Lord. Our brotherhood is true because we have ONE FATHER. We believe in ONE LORD, we have one faith and hope and HIS NAME IS JESUS.

“For as many as are led by the Spirit of God,
these are the sons of God”

Somewhere in the muddled teachings of this day we have ignored the clear presentation of the Scriptures and have replaced it with a “theology” that offers a “salvation” that is free from effort. The cross is mentioned as if it were optional (“…he who does not take his cross and follow after Me is not worthy of Me. Matthew 10:38); a religious atmosphere where little is required or expected. The results? People who though precious and loved of the Father have failed to GROW UP and BECOME sons of God through the medium of obedience, faith and death to self. A victorious Christian life is rarely taught or expected. TO HIM THAT OVERCOMES is not an idealistic concept but the earnest expectation of all those who follow HIM, are LED of HIM and above all LOVE HIM with all their whole being. It is time to stop and consider our ways, to stop playing church, to stop consoling ourselves with compromise. In HIM alone is our rest, our peace, our fruitfulness and our JOY! To him that overcomes is the promise given. He that overcomes is the one who can declare with great thankfulness of heart that of a truth JESUS IS THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE! It is in overcoming that we reveal the truth of this in our lives.

Faith is the means by which truth
becomes the substance and reality of our lives.

In our desire to obey, in our desire to follow Him, and in our desire to know this life of victory we must confront the weaknesses of our own hearts and wills. We must (as Abraham) consider our own body as good as dead in the ability to please God and in this place discover the power of a living faith that believes in HIM who is able!!! In all these things we are more than CONQUERORS THROUGH HIM THAT LOVES US!


“Any battle for victory, power, and deliverance
– from ourselves and from sin –
which is not based constantly upon
the gazing and the beholding of the Lord Jesus,
with the heart and life lifted up to Him,
is doomed to failure”
Alan Redpath

Brian Troxel



“Who passing through the valley of Baca (weeping)
make it a well (fountain)”
PSALM 84:6

The difficult places in life are not to be our home. They are places THROUGH which we are to walk. The secret of the Christian life is one of passing through, passing over and overcoming. It by our passing through these various places that we find in God HIS GRACE to develop the WELL SPRING of living waters within the core of our own life.

“He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said,
out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water”
JOHN 7:38

The fountain is produced by the walk. It is by our walking through desert places, valleys of weeping and sorrow and through many trials and tribulations that the well is formed and made. The signature of the Christian life is not one that is free from difficulties. It is in the  “passing through” that we know the waters that flow in secret places. These places are “designed” by our Great Shepherd who ever seeks to bring forth the Fruit of His Spirit in our lives. Endurance (a more accurate translation for the word patience) and longsuffering are not fruits that will be produced by a good teaching or sermon; they are the qualities of our living Christ that cannot be known or had apart from HIM! It is in the difficult places that we discover our need for HIM and in finding HIM we touch the source of this well that flows with living waters.

‘Hebrew’ in the Hebrew language means ‘one who passes over’. Such is the reality of all who know their God. There is no room for stagnation, no room to camp in former things, no place to simply drop out of the battle of Faith. It is in the faith of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; the faith of the Children of Israel passing over the Jordan; the Faith of David arising to defeat the Goliath of His Day that this truth is revealed. Those who continue to rise up, who continue to seek, knock and pass through the obstacles before them will know of these hidden waters that flow with life, healing and joy. Let us not hang our heads in this DAY but persevere and press into the things that lay before us.

Let us even now believe afresh that our God is able to bring forth HIS life from fragile earthen vessels. We must know and be convinced that the sorrows of circumstances, relationships, and disappointments are all part of the journey that we must PASS THROUGH.


“Press forward. Do not stop, do not linger in your journey,
but strive for the mark set before you.”

Brian Troxel



“…But ye gave the Nazarites wine to drink;
and commanded the prophets, saying, Prophesy not”

AMOS 2:12

The road to apostasy is paved with carelessness, the watering down of true discipleship, and a refusal to hear the Word of the Lord. The calamities and judgments that followed such a prescription of “religion” are devastating and inevitable. Where the fear of the Lord no longer enters the mind of the people of God, His Holiness and Majesty is watered down to a God who no longer is concerned about righteousness and truth within the hearts of His people. Where the majority of the preaching today basically says ‘The Lord will not do good, Nor will He do evil”.

“And it shall come to pass at that time
That I will search Jerusalem with lamps,
And punish the men who are settled in complacency,
who say in their heart,
‘The Lord will not do good, Nor will He do evil”

Zephaniah 1:12

The result of the religion of men is to reduce God to one that neither rewards righteousness nor judges evil. While this is not said in so many words it is the premise of much of the presentation of the gospel in this hour. We tell the world that they need to repent but after having “accepted Him” there is a lack of concern about how one lives. The complacency and carelessness of the people of God in this hour is evident when we no longer expect from ourselves a life of righteousness; those who are pursuing this life are told to “drink wine” (compromise your holy vows unto God) and in effect “don’t take this stuff too seriously”. We hear the expression that a man is so heavenly minded that he is no earthly good; in fact it should be stated that unless we become heavenly minded our lives are no earthly good!

May the Lord stir up the prophetic word in this hour to show the error, apostasy and the carelessness of His people. Let there be a WORD going forth in the FIRE of His love and jealously that this is the DAY OF THE LORD. THIS IS THE DAY TO TURN FROM OUR WAYS. It is not a day to live carelessly and walk in the love of the things of this world for the WORD OF THE LORD IS…

“Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world.
If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him

I John 2:15

The focus of our life is the revelation of the love of our life. Our prayer life reveals the things that are dear to us. If all we pray for is our needs, wants and troubles, if the only things we hold up in prayer are those things that concern US and OUR little circle then we NEED to find Him afresh. We are here for the “building up of the Body of Christ”; to see the “Unity of the Faith” revealed IN THE EARTH! If the Risen Christ is ever “making intercession for US” that expression of love for others should also be a reality in our hearts.

Brian Troxel



“There is none that understandeth,
there is none that seeketh after God”

These words describe the human condition. There are none with understanding or desire to seek after God. NONE. Whether it is Jew or Gentile, rich or poor, religious or non-religious, this is man’s standing before God. God’s issue with men is not because they do not understand, nor seek HIM, HIS issue is…

“…because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.
And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion,
that they should believe a lie:
That they all might be damned who believed not the truth,
but had pleasure in unrighteousness”

To individually have a LOVE (agape’) for truth one must first receive it. Living truth is a two-edged sword that cuts even to the place of “the thoughts and intents of our hearts.” Since this love of truth is freely offered and given on the basis of Faith, we must conclude that we in and of ourselves have nothing to offer God. He has concluded ALL in unbelief! Where is boasting; it is negated. In terms of understanding or seeking God anything within us that lends itself to the pursuit of these things is completely apart from our innate abilities or personal value. God is NO respecter of persons (Jew or Gentile, slave or free, rich or poor….); HE gives freely to all who ask.

Now we are brought into the sphere of our awesome RESPONSIBILITY. Since this wondrous gift has been (past tense) given to us on the basis of Grace we now must face the responsibility of WHAT WE HAVE DONE AND HOW WE HAVE HANDLED THIS priceless gift!

“A certain nobleman
went into a far country to receive for himself a kingdom,
and to return. And he called his ten servants, and delivered them ten pounds,
and said unto them, Occupy till I come…And it came to pass,
that when he was returned, having received the kingdom,
then he commanded these servants to be called unto him,
to whom he had given the money,
that he might know how much every man had gained by trading…”
Luke 19:12 – 27

We are free from any responsibility to work up a “love for truth” or a desire to seek HIM from our own carnal resources! We are, however, completely responsible for the care and diligence that we exert toward those things which HE HAS GIVEN. Anything within my life that desires HIS WAY, HIS TRUTH and HIS LIFE is a result of HIS GRACIOUS GIFT and if I do not yield myself to that call in my life I am without excuse! Every little impression that I feel from my heart toward HIM is HIS CALL to me to see more of HIM, to be transformed BY the seeing of HIM, and to sense a deeper hold on my life than I knew before. This is the RESPONSE by the faith of the Son of God within each heart. Failure to respond to HIS LOVING CALL will result in a life that is cold, indifferent and lukewarm in its pursuit of God. We seek HIM to the degree that we LOVE HIM. Love is ever deepened by relationship. If I were to not talk with my wife or not share things with her our relationship would never deepen and the relevance of her in my life would be minimized. So is it with God. The full value of the gift is realized by my diligence to the development and enlargement of it. In this parable everyone was entrusted with the exact same gift. The fruitfulness of each man was based upon their response to what was given.


Jesus said that the Kingdom of God is like…

“The kingdom of heaven is like to a grain of mustard seed,
which a man took, and sowed in his field:
Which indeed is the least of all seeds:
but when it is grown, it is the greatest among herbs, and becometh a tree,
so that the birds of the air come and lodge in the branches thereof”
MATTHEW 13:31 – 32

This love for truth that was sown into our hearts is to grow from SEED TO TREE. It is to grow from something that is small and insignificant to something that is large and strong in which others may come and find rest upon the branches of its life within us. From SEED to TREE is a description of the KINGDOM OF GOD! Men are always looking for some great event, some “moment” in time when the heavens will suddenly open and everything is changed. But without the quiet, consistent and determined effort on our part to GROW in the daily affairs of life we will not be ready in that day to give an account of how we lived our life.






“Things great have small beginnings. Every downpour is just a raindrop;
every fire is just a spark; every harvest is just a seed;
every journey
is just a step because without that step there will be no journey;
without that raindrop there can be no shower;
without that seed there can be no harvest.”

William Wilberforce

Brian Troxel



“And the word of God increased;
and the number of the disciples multiplied in Jerusalem greatly;
and a great company of the priests were obedient to the faith”
ACTS 6:7

This is a verse filled with things that relate only to the Kingdom of God. Three things are worthy of note here.

1. The Word of God increased (spread out, in influence and effect)
2. The Number of Disciples Multiplied Greatly
3. A Great company were Obedient to THE FAITH

This is in stark CONTRAST to what we see in our land today. The Word of God was spreading among the people like wild fire. The number of Disciples (not children of God, not attendees, not pew sitters but true DISCIPLES) multiplied GREATLY! Disciples in those days were ones who heard the call to “pick up their cross and follow” HIM. The command of Jesus was and is to go and MAKE DISCIPLES, not converts. The message is called the Gospel of the KINGDOM and it can only be ministered in the FAITH of those who have been disciplined, broken and energized by the Life of the SON. We also read here of an OBEDIENCE to the FAITH which is not an adherence to someone’s teaching, ‘statement of faith”, or doctrine of belief. This is THE FAITH that first and foremost must be obeyed within the lives of those who hold it. Any faith that does not require obedience, cross bearing and a laying down of our rights, is powerless, futile and impotent. It is because of this that we see so little of the Word of God spreading throughout our communities, our homes, and our country. FAITH without works IS DEAD.

A FAITH that costs nothing is worth nothing!

Where is that Word that is effecting change, bringing deliverance and radically transforming the lives of those who are gripped with the wonder of HIS LIFE? Let us not settle for the status quo with little change, no repentance, carnal strife and division, speaking and doing of evil to one another, and a lack of care and concern over the spiritual condition of our brothers and sisters. We should be grieved over the CONTRAST between what is today and what was in that day when the HOLY SPIRIT was present moving, birthing, and holding all things together in the bonds of HIS peace and brotherly love. It is time to turn from the ways and methods of men that have a semblance of order but are utterly devoid of the manifestations of HIS LIFE and GLORY. The church often acts much like Gideon threshing a little bit of wheat hoping that no one comes along and takes his little harvest. We see churches in the land doing everything in THEIR POWER to keep the membership steady, to hold on to the few that remain. Rather we should be breaking forth in the power and glory of HIS MIGHT, that the rulers of this world will take note that we not only HAVE BEEN WITH JESUS, but that WE ARE HIS BODY. This is not some idealistic concept; it is what JESUS PRAYED FOR. Who cannot believe that what HE prayed for MUST come to pass? Faith is the power that puts motion and fire within our hearts to see this become the reality in the earth.


“The true follower of Christ will not ask,
“If I embrace this truth, what will it cost me?”
Rather he will say,
“This is truth. God help me to walk in it, let come what may!”
A. W. Tozer

Brian Troxel



“Come down, and sit in the dust, O virgin daughter of Babylon,
sit on the ground: there is no throne”
Isaiah 47:1

It is a day of the humbling of nations, a day in which authority will fail and, in the rejection of all that is right, just and holy, we will see the result of men’s choices. Every form of wickedness contains within itself the seeds of its own destruction.

“And he cried mightily with a strong VOICE, saying,
Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen,
and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit,
and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird. For all nations
have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication,
and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her,
and the merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies”
Revelation 18:2 -3

The man tormented by the legion lived in the graveyard; every living thing seeks out an environment in which it is comfortable. The reason Babylon is inhabited with devils, foul spirits, unclean and hateful birds is because there was provision made for them. In the rejection of the light and the choosing of darkness men provide a dwelling place for such things. God’s judgment is to simply give men over to their own ways (Romans 1:18 – 32). In the midst of the declaration that Babylon is fallen we hear “another voice” crying out…

“And I heard ANOTHER VOICE from heaven, saying,
Come out of her, my people,
that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues”
Revelation 18:4

It is the calling out of God’s people unto righteousness and a sanctified life. To be numbered as one of God’s people yet to remain in Babylon WILL NOT SAVE US from the judgments of our God! Positional truths will not circumvent an unrighteous life. If we partake of “her sins” we will most assuredly partake of “her plagues”.

“God is not mocked, whatsoever a man soweth that shall he reap”

That VOICE IS SPEAKING TODAY, calling out to the people of God to COME OUT and be separate unto our God. A separated life is an obedient life; not a life lived unto itself. It is a life poured out unto the development and raising up of the BODY OF CHRIST! It seeks (like Nehemiah) the welfare of the people of God. To live unto ourselves, to choose our own way and to secretly love the things of Sodom is to ultimately partake of its plagues.

“Remember Lot’s wife”
Luke 17:32

Brian Troxel




“…let us run with patience (endurance & fortitude) the race that is set before us,
looking unto Jesus…”

Hebrews 12:1 – 2

The race is neither to the strong nor to the swift. This race is not one of understanding, intellect or physical or mental capabilities. It is a race of the heart; of affection, love and devotion. It is a race where only the Love of God in our hearts will qualify and enable us to finish. All the motives of self seeking, the pursuit of glory for oneself and selfish ambition will surely fail in the course of this race. This is a race of endurance and fortitude in which only by the Love of God beating in our hearts will we finish triumphant and with great joy. The Love that God gives “beareth all things… endureth all things.” Only those who love God pursue Him. Love ever seeks to please and know that which it loves.

In the heart of man there is but one law; his greatest love will always subdue the lesser loves. Whether it is love of self, pleasure, or the love of God, what a man holds dear will always prevail, either unto Life or unto Death.

We need to guard intently the affairs of our hearts in the subtlety of this day in which there seems to be no ramifications to how we live. They that know their God understand the need to walk circumspectly and to seek out fellowship that is true that we may find ourselves ready for the hour that is about to break forth in our land.

“If ye be risen with Christ,
seek those things which are above…
Set your affection on things above,
not on the things on the earth…”

Colossians 3:1 – 2



“A man’s heart has only enough life in it to pursue one object fully”

Brian Troxel



“And this shall come to pass
if you diligently obey the voice of the Lord your God”

There is a connection between the promise of a thing that is to come to pass and the people of God; “IF” denotes a personal choice within the heart of the people to whom the thing is promised. We want the promises; God desires willing and obedient hearts. We want the promises; God wants men who can govern, walk and abide in the promises. The obedience required for the promise to come to pass is in itself the WAY that the character of a man is developed to enable him to abide in the fulfillment of the thing promised. The promise of the Kingdom to David was followed by a life of obedience and rejection. The very things that may be difficult now are God’s WAY of preparing us for the call that HE has given. Many want the HIGH CALL but few there are that choose to walk in the humility and graces of the Son. To stand for HIS TRUTH, to cry out against the lukewarm expressions of this hour, to feel the impotency of this thing men call church, to long for that expression of HIS MAJESTY in our lives, and to be ready to forsake all things for the acquisition of the ONE THING, is LIFE. Humility is simply being free from the opinions of men, living a life free from self and self pity, and being always aware that NO FLESH will ever glory in HIS PRESENCE! Humility is the expression of a LIFE that is free from self will, self seeking and self protection. To whatever degree we know the wonder of this grace let us seek to see HIM more clearly and to love HIM more dearly.

Without obedience there can never be an entering in to all that HE has purposed for us. We fellowship and gather together that we may know HIS pre-eminence in our midst corporately so that we may walk it out individually.

Love ever serves the thing it loves.

Humility and Obedience cannot be separated for obedience IS the offspring of Humility.

And being found in fashion as a man, he humbled himself,
and became obedient unto death, even the death of the cross

Brian Troxel


“I press toward the mark…”


In our day and age in the Body of Christ there is very little sense of purpose; to be more precise there is little concept of what is the MARK in the Christian life. If there be no MARK presented to the people of God by the “ministry” how can there be any pursuit of the MARK clearly set forth in the Living Word of God? There can be no pressing into the things of God without a clear presentation of what those things are; it is like trying to run a race with no finish line. That would be absurd and yet it is exactly what so many seem to do. Once the “seekers” are “saved” the seeking tends to wane. Others will “feed” them and look after the “development” of their faith as long as they give their tithe and get involved with a few programs. How do “pressing toward the mark”, “reaching forth unto the things that lie before” and “counting the loss of ALL things as dung” in order to WIN Christ even fit into the “theology” of this present day? If there is no goal there is no pursuit. Wrong teaching produces wrong living.

The Greek word used here for MARK is σκοπός, (skopos), where we get the English word scope, best expressed as the scope of a rifle with a cross-hair in it for aiming at a specific target. Paul was not a theoretical or idealistic man; he was a man with a determined and specific purpose in his pursuit of the living God. All things were measured by this ONE THING. Everything else was made subservient to this one call and as a result he never swerved from the singular desire of his heart. Men who see little, pursue little. Only those who find the “Pearl” to be of great price will sacrifice all to purchase this unique and priceless treasure. What we are at this moment is the revelation of our vision. If we are comfortable and content with the status quo of our life in God, if we have settled for anything less than a life that is in full pursuit of HIS LIFE in us, then we have seen little. If there is not a cry within us to affect the lives of those around us and, more importantly, those we do not even know, we have seen but little. If there is a contentedness to remain independent and aloof from the lives of God’s people around us, if we are unmoved at the divorce rate, if we are not alarmed by the overwhelming dependence of God’s people for mood altering “medications”, if we are not burdened over the lack of HIS FIRE in our midst, if we have been meeting with the same people for years with little or no development in the expression of Christ in our lives or theirs, then we are most definitely in need of VISION and a true understanding of God’s purpose in the race.

There is a MARK to be aimed at by the people of God. In the Epistle to the Church at Philippi Paul was laying bare his heart regarding the attitude by which every one of God’s people was to be driven. Without HIS LOVE beating within our hearts there can be no pursuit. This pursuit is not birthed by a religious zeal for that will fail in the difficulty of the way. Self realization will fade in the recognition that there is no place in which the flesh can glory. It will cost us all that we hold dear. There will be no going back when once we truly see the MARK…HE who first loved us!

“Bad will be the day for every man
when he becomes absolutely content with the life that he is living,
with the thoughts that he is thinking, with the deeds that he is doing,
when there is not forever beating at the doors of his soul
some great desire to do something larger,
which he knows that he was meant and made to do because he is still,
in spite of all, the child of God.


Brian Troxel

The Body of Christ Part One


Part One


“And Elisha said, As the LORD of hosts liveth,
before whom I stand…”

II Kings 3:14

Here we see that the ministry of Elijah to Elisha was effectually completed. Elisha spoke from the same place of relationship and standing in God as that which Elijah also knew (I Kings 17:1). He spoke as one who fully understood his accountability unto the Holy One of Israel. Men who are content to have other men accountable unto them know nothing of the Holiness of God. We are not here to HAVE disciples but to MAKE disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ. True ministry should always leave the people of God with the sense of their accountability unto God not man. The reason we see so little power, authenticity and abandonment is that we as a collective people have lost sight of HIS WONDER and AWE in our midst. We establish our organizational ladder of accountability and as long as that is followed we “feel” that there is a sense of order in our midst. We call this a successful “pattern” for others to emulate. But, unless there are powerful unique expressions shinning forth, it is only a deathly uniformity that is based on a carnal conformity to an organization not the transforming power of God! Paul writes to the Corinthians that THEY were his letter of recommendation; the quality of their lives and their love for one another. That is why he so passionately reproved them; he was held by the solemn obligation unto the Lord for them to walk and live in righteousness.

How we need a new and fresh sense that WE are accountable unto God for the condition of HIS CHURCH. It is our responsibility to speak forth HIS desire and purposes into the lives of those around us. It is our responsibility to pray and weep over the condition of HIS house. It is our responsibility to see the people of God DISCOVER the call of God upon their lives; to see them arise and understand that the quality of their walk is of vast importance; that they are not simply here to take up space on a pew but they are to influence the lives of those around them; that husbands are to so function as the priest in their home that there is harmony and growth within the individual lives of those in his care; that wives understand their responsibility to so walk with God and interact with HIM that they influence their husbands to be the men of God that they should be. We all have a part in this wonder called the Body of Christ! We all have a voice and we all have an incredible responsibility to see the prayer of John 17 come to pass. It is time for the ministers of God to impart to HIS people that it is unto HIM that we shall ALL give an account of how we walked in the fear of our God.

Men who sit for years listening to others without sensing any compulsion to see the Living Christ arise in their own hearts are dead; they are out of touch with HIS heart and HIS purposes. They have not seen the reality of the Body of Christ that it is made up of living, functioning, and holy members each of which have that awesome sense of a LIVE connection to the HEAD even Christ. The only purpose of true ministry is to minister that sense of a living community made real and alive by each member being held in the bonds of the Love of God to such an extent that we realize in our own hearts that of a truth we are “members one of another”. A living community that is not limited by the walls of a church building, a home group, a set of teachings or doctrines, ministries and organizations, but a community whose life is known by being IN HIM. This community of faith is called THE BODY OF CHRIST!

Brian Troxel