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“But without faith it is impossible to please Him:
for he that comes to God must believe that he is”


Men who believe little pray little. The basic reality of the Christian’s prayer life is predicated BY HIS FAITH. The proof of our FAITH is revealed in our drawing nigh unto HIM. We must believe that HE IS in order to enter into that HOLY PLACE of prayer and communion with HIM. The true prayer life is one of relationship and intimacy with our GOD and FATHER. It is BY FAITH that we draw near unto HIM; it is by FAITH that the substance of the unseen relationship is realized. The recurring thought throughout the FAITH CHAPTER in the Book of Hebrews is: “BY FAITH”. So it is in the life of PRAYER by which we are to be “building up ourselves on our most holy faith, PRAYING IN THE HOLY GHOST” (Jude 1:20).

BY FAITH is the means by which all deeds are birthed and brought unto perfection. Without FAITH we have no means to draw from the “wells of salvation”. Without FAITH we have no “handle” upon which to lay claim to the precious promises of God. Without FAITH we have no ability to understand HIS WORD. Without FAITH we are left to the miserable resources of self that will always wither in the hour of greatest need. BY FAITH men DO, GROW and BECOME like their GREAT HIGH PRIEST. The deeper and more intimate our life of PRAYER becomes, the more there is a growing realization that we are no longer praying just for our selves. Rather we are becoming participants of HIS HEART for HIS PURPOSES in the lives of others. For that is the HEART OF OUR GREAT HIGH PRIEST…

“I pray for them”
JOHN 17:9

Let us get a glimpse of THIS HEART that ever beats and is ever working and praying on our behalf that we might become pure and holy expressions of the SON. “Faith without works is dead” and nowhere is this truth more evident than in the life of HOLY, POWERFUL and FERVENT PRAYER.

Religious men may pray, they may mouth and speak great words that sound right and good but, as Jesus commented, the Pharisee “prayed thus with himself”. His prayer had no HOLY WITNESS but was borne of self, concerned with self and prayed unto self. This prayer never left the man.

But we, By FAITH, have access to the HOLY ALTAR of INCENSE that burns with the FIRE (singular) of HIS LOVE and DESIRE. On this ALTAR the Incense of God is added to the prayers of HIS SAINTS that they may ascend as sweet fragrant offerings unto HIM who alone is worthy!

“I will therefore that men pray every where,
lifting up holy hands, without wrath and doubting”


Brian Troxel

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