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Poverty of spirit

Poverty of spirit
Rich in God

“Blessed are the poor in spirit: for their’s is the kingdom of heaven” This is one of the richest places into which Jesus brings us. The poor have a right to everything in heaven. “Their’s is.” Dare you believe it? Yes, I dare. I believe, I know, that I was very poor. When God’s Spirit comes in as the ruling, controlling power of the life, He gives us God’s revelation of our inward poverty, and shows us that God has come with one purpose, to bring heaven’s best to earth, and that with Jesus He will indeed “freely give us all things.”

An old man and an old woman had lived together for seventy years. Someone said to them, “You must have seen many clouds during those days.” They replied, “Where do the showers come from? You never get showers without clouds.” It is only the Holy Ghost who can bring us to the place of realization of our poverty; but, every time He does it, He opens the windows of heaven, and the showers of blessing fall.

But I must recognize the difference between my own spirit and the Holy Spirit. My own spirit can do certain things on natural lines, can even weep and pray and worship, but it is all on a human plane, and we must not depend on our own personality. If the Baptism means anything to you, it should bring you to the death of the ordinary, where you are no longer putting faith in your own understanding; but, conscious of your own poverty, you are ever yielded to the Spirit. Then it is that your body becomes filled with heaven on earth.”
– Smith Wigglesworth

True spiritual Poverty
is filled with the True Riches of Christ



  • c.a. says:

    John the Baptist predicted Jesus would “baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire.” Too few Christ-followers I know are looking for this baptism which is separate from our salvation. See John 20:22 and Acts 1:8 and Acts 19:2. These are different experiences of having the Spirit of God within you (salvation) and being immersed into the Holy Ghost (baptism into the Holy Spirit).
    Thanx for this excellent reminder from one of the saints of the 19th century!

    • Sorry I missed your comment. We have not because we ask not. The Holy Spirit was given on the basis of Jesus being glorified. God is ever the same today as He was yesterday. The same gift is given by the same gracious giver.

      Appreciate the comment!

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