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Carol Tipton

By December 16, 2020No Comments

Carol Tipton

A Dream Given

“Sometime in 1989 through a dream which was like a movie with only 2 moving scenes.

Scene 1 opens in a large room where there are many people walking around and visiting with one another, each carrying a plate of food from which they are eating.  As I observed the people I noticed a small, bitty bird flitting from plate to plate attempting to get something to eat.

Scene 2 opens in a kitchen where I observed a plate of left overs sitting on the counter next to the sink.  The bitty bird was attempting to feed from this plate, however the bird slipped and fell into the sink, into the jaws of the garbage disposal.

In this dream I felt (literally) great fear for this bitty bird, and I carefully reached my hand into the disposal to lift the bird to safety, all the while keeping my eyes fastened upon the disposal switch on the wall which if engaged would turn on the disposal destroying the bitty bird.

That was the end of the dream.  I have pondered that dream many times over many years and although I knew from the outset what that dream was speaking of, it seems as if that understanding has increased each time.  The fear that I experienced during that dream was tangible and remains with me to this day.

The interpretation

Those people weren’t doing anything wrong.  They were having a pot luck meal or some such gathering as happens all the time.  But this is speaking directly to the Church.

This gathering had no substance which is evidenced by the starving bird and lack of interest or concern of anyone in that gathering.

That speaks to the lukewarm Church who are nonchalant in their gatherings/meetings, enjoying their time with friends and family, having no fire and no fear of the Lord, just fulfilling their supposed obligation by being in attendance.  They are feeding from their pot luck assortment of doctrines and ideas which have sprung up from the Tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil.  There is no good in that tree, by the way.

In their midst however, there are young in the Lord who are hungry for more than easy greasy doctrines which are nothing but slime and chaff, and they are the ones in danger.  Why?  Because the adults in the room, the pastors, leaders, prophets, etc. have chosen people pleasing, rather than God pleasing.  Note, they aren’t the ones in danger from the jaws of satan!  No it is the ones who are looking for Life, for a Word from off the Throne.  Those are the ones in danger from its death in that dream.

So, by this dream we are being warned by a Strong Word to Seek the Lord, to be a Word of Life, to step away from the lukewarm and to watch and pray for those who seek Truth”
– Carol Tipton


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