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The Remnant – Watchman Nee

“When at the incarnation God visited His people, but a handful of them looked for the redemption of Israel. They believed God was going to act, and through them and because of them He acted. Then in Jesus’ own lifetime multitudes followed Him, but again it was a much smaller group who protested: “To whom shall we go? Thou hast the words of eternal life.” And once more, before His ascension, He instructed His own to await the promise of the Father.

In practice, it seems to work out that God has always to move through a faithful remnant who, within the larger number and for the sake of God’s purpose in the whole, will be utter in their obedience to Him today.”
– Watchman Nee



  • says:

    Although I have great respect for Watchman Nee, I am not sure the Scripture tells us that the 380 had left, and only 120 remained as followers of Jesus. That 3000 came to the Lord that day suggests that there may have been more around to lead these into faith than the 120 gathered in the Temple. The news of the infilling of the Holy Spirit with visual symbols of fire on each of the disciples and speaking in tongues would have spread very quickly and many more may have gathered as Peter preached, including disciples who may have also arrived and experienced the infilling.

    • Yes, I fully agree with you. It was more the principle than the actual numbers. Remnant is not a word I associate myself with as I have had dealings with small groups who feel they are the “remnant” filled with superiority and pride. Remnant if I can use that word are those whose lives are His and they recognize their need for His grace and they make themselves available for His bidding.

      Very much appreciate the response.

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