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Seek the Honour from God Only

“How can ye believe, which receive honour one of another,
and seek not the honour that cometh from God only?”
John 5:44

Seeking God’s Approval

The unrelenting influence of the Holy Spirit, His internal working within the human heart, is for one purpose: total conquest. A divided heart is the sole source of human misery. The Love of God is the true end of all that God has purposed in Christ. Love is the great purifier and unifier of all things. Those who seek the honor of men have not touched the fire of God.

“How can ye believe…”

This is the penetrating question of Jesus regarding the religion of that day. It is the eternal question of God for all generations. Purity of heart reveals a singularity of motive. There is no life which is without works for works are simply an outward expression of the inward condition of heart. Outward doing is the spontaneous revelation of an inward being. As the proverb declares:

“Even a child is known by his doings…”
Proverbs 20:11

Many works are born of an inherent need to seek the honor of men. It is from this that schisms and divisions come. The spirit of man seeks the honor of man. The religious, political, and moral compasses of this world bear testimony to the devastation and sorrow caused by their own selfish seeking and lust.

“Love seeks not its own things…”
1 Corinthians 13:5

There may be no greater truth concerning the condition of man and the call of God. Humans have a need to belong. I have seen even sincere Christians divided based on political parties, religious sects, or denominations, all for want of affirmation. Apart from God, man will seek affirmation from his/her affiliations. Jesus is very clear about the fact that we are not to seek honour from anyone but God alone.

“How can ye believe, which receive honour one of another,
and seek not the honour that cometh from God only?”
John 5:44

The “belief” of which Jesus speaks is vastly different from concepts to which we give mental ascent. True belief is that which causes one to seek the “honour that cometh from God only”. This believing frees us to live purely and wholly unto Him. The expectations and “peer pressure” of others will always prevent us from living in the liberating atmosphere of the Spirit of God.

“And ye shall know the truth,
and the truth shall make you free”
John 8:32

Whenever I seek the approval of men, I instantly become estranged from the freedom of Christ. The motives and works which proceed from self, will taint even the good things; for bound within such endeavours is the desire to receive the approval of others.

Conformity is the repressive nature of the world, and the infection of this deadly virus pervades the political and religious world around us. Transformation is the result of God’s nature at work in His own.

“And be not conformed to this world:
but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind…”
Romans 12:2

Whenever prejudice or bias affects my heart’s desire for another, I reveal the spirit in which I walk. The “belief” of which Jesus spoke will cause my heart to love my enemies, an impossibility in myself. I cannot be “conformed” to such a life by outward means. Rather the “belief” of which Jesus speaks brings the transforming life of Him into my fallen self. It is a creative work, renewing my heart and mind to see and feel the love of God for all His creation.

Continued in Part Two

Brian Troxel


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