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Persecution Posts

Persecution Post

By April 16, 2021No Comments

Persecution Post

Persecution Post

A dear brother I know well, received this email from people he is associated with in India. The English is a bit broken but the story is true.

“Greetings in Jesus name. Thank you for your prayers. It is urgent to request your prayers for the pastor’s family who lost his mother, who was beaten to death. Pastor ______ is working as a pastor in the ___________________. He has a younger brother, mother, and father, and wife, and child who is a four months baby. Pastor ______ is a very young man and has so much fire for God. He was working among the Hindu people and Muslim people. pastor _____ younger brother studied in our ____ till 10thgrade. On 2nd April, Pastor _____ father and his younger brother went to another place for work. Only pastor _____, his wife with four months old baby, and his mother were in the Parsonage. On the same night at 10.30 4 people fully drunk and came in front of the church and they planned to kill the pastor, his wife because the pastor was so influential in bringing people to  Christ. The same night these 4 people came in front of the church and were shouting using bad words and trying to enter his house. But pastor _____, his wife, and his mother came out and all of sudden the 4 people tried to kill the pastor by beating him with a rod. But pastor ______ mother tried to protect Pastor _____ from beating and those people beat his mother to death. She died on the same night. Pastor ______ and his wife got bad injuries. Pastor _____ with some of the church people took his mother to the hospital but she already died. Which is very very sad. To complain to the police and the police, people took custody of these 4 people. The next morning _____ did the funeral service and met all the burial expenses. These Hindu people were so angry with Pastor_____ and his was in life threat. We are all praying for his family. We request you to pray for the young pastor and his wife with a 4 months baby. They need special protection and care for some time.  pastor _____ and his wife were admitted To the private hospital and we are giving his family medical treatment. Please pray for the speedy recovery of the pastor and his wife. Nowadays there are many attacks on churches and beating the pastors from Hindu people. please pray as they are in very very agony. Attaching the pictures of the church, pastor ____ mother died and also attaching another video of a man beating the pastor very badly. We want to help this pastor’s family and other families that were attacked by the anti-Christians and stand for them morally and financially. We need your prayers. prayerfully awaiting your kind email reply”

Please remember this family in your prayers.


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