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Discernment – The Pythonic spirit

By August 29, 2018One Comment


The Pythonic spirit in the Book of Acts

“And it happened, as we went into a place of prayer,
a certain girl slave having a Pythonic spirit met us,
whose divining brought much gain to her lords”
Acts 16:16 (LITV, BLB)

What was this Pythonic (original Greek word used here) spirit declaring?

“…These men are the servants of the most high God,
which shew unto us the way of salvation”
Acts 16:17

To those who have had at least some experience with true spiritual warfare this is not surprising. The fact that these things are found in the scriptures prove that His people should have some knowledge of the deceptive nature of our enemy. In many places today such “prophesying” would be readily received to their shame and their own spiritual deception. It is imperative that we test the spirit that birth these expressions and not judge simply by the mere words of the utterance. It is here where many of God’s people are ill equipped in the discernment of things they allow in their midst. Spiritual ignorance is the product of a shallow and untutored walk with God. It is an indication of a heart which has not been open to the voice and the leading of His Spirit.

The Pythonic spirit is one of change, camouflage, deceit and is difficult to discern. The scripture describes its manner of working:

“There be three things which are too wonderful for me,
yea, four which I know not…
the way of a serpent upon a rock…”
Proverbs 30:18-19

Paul in addressing the Church at Corinth spoke hard words in order for them to stay true to the Gospel of God. Here Paul upbraids them for their willingness to receive false expressions over the true because they did not really want to embrace the truth of their condition.

“But I fear lest by any means, as the serpent deceived Eve in his craftiness, so your thoughts should be corrupted from the purity which is due to Christ. For if, indeed, the one coming proclaims another Jesus, whom we have not proclaimed, or if you receive another spirit which you have not received, or another gospel which you never accepted, you might well endure these
2 Corinthians 11:3-4 (read the previous verse as well for context)

He is saying if one comes and presents another gospel or another spirit you might well endure such a one. Yet they had more trouble with Paul because he spoke the truth to them instead of nice smooth words. He actually cared for them with a godly love and jealously. It is because of these things the Church of God requires the Apostolic and Prophetic ministrations of God.

“Take heed to yourselves,
that your heart be not deceived,
and ye turn aside”
Deuteronomy 11:16

Excerpt from the Spiritual Discernment and False Prophets Part One Writing

Brian Troxel

One Comment

  • Tim Shey says:

    I believe the spirit of Python is the same thing as a familiar spirit. When someone is operating in this familiar spirit, it does not bear witness, you may even start to grieve in your spirit.

    I once met a false prophet back in Ames, Iowa many years ago. I spoke with him on a few occasions. The last time I talked with him, it really grieved my spirit: my spirit was defiled for three weeks and the Lord warned me to stay away from him.

    Back in 2008 I was hitchhiking in Idaho and ended up in Riggins. I was looking for a place to camp out. This car pulled up to me; it was a man and his wife. The wife looked at me and said, “He is writing a book.” It was not edifying, it was not of the Holy Ghost. Even though it was true what she said, it did not bear witness with my spirit. Within a month or so, this publishing company in Maryland agreed to publish my first book (it was a self-publishing company).

    The devil can speak partial truths, but it is not of the Lord. Maybe you could call this borrowed revelation. The devil observes things in the spiritual realm, picks up on it and then passes it off to certain willing vessels as truth: this is how the psychics operate.

    Thus Saith the Lord?

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