Geoffrey T. Bull – The Full Knowledge

Geoffrey T. Bull

Three Degrees of
Spiritual Knowledge

“We are told of three degrees of spiritual knowledge which for us, are the true content of the Divine Wisdom.

  1. There is the knowledge of God Himself in Christ, thus Paul prays ‘that I may know Him’. For Paul this is the excellency of knowledge, compared with which all else is as the refuse of the field.
  2. There is the knowledge of God’s Will; thus Paul says ‘We do not cease to pray for you that ye might be filled with the knowledge of His Will.’
  3. There is the knowledge of His Gifts; thus Paul writes ‘We have received the Spirit which is of God, that ye might know the things that are freely given us of God.’

It is in this knowledge that Christ Jesus is made unto us Wisdom. It will make fools of us before the world, but we can be quiet in the assurance that the wisdom of God shall at the last be justified in all of her children.
– Geoffrey T. Bull

“That I might know Him”

This is the cry of every true believer. May we grow in the full knowledge of Himself, His Will and to be faithful stewards of His unmerited gifts.
Brian Troxel



Geoffrey T. Bull

Quote for Today

“Present obedience is always God’s condition for obtaining increased understanding… If your study of the Scriptures does not make you increasingly holy in character, then it may be you have never entered the territory under the auspices of the Guide. Maybe you are studying it like a map of a foreign country. It is all very interesting. You know the names and are acquainted with the data, but actually you have never been there. You are still very much at home where you are. When we begin to obey God’s Word and hearken to the doctrine, we become like faithful Abraham. Its first result is to make us leave our kindred and our father’s house and move forward into the better country. The Seed of the Word always breaks to pieces the ground in which it grows
– Geoffrey T. Bull
Missionary to Tibet
and Prisoner Of Communist China (1950-1953) In which he suffered greatly and triumphed in Jesus Christ.