Quote for Today – Carol Tipton

Quote for Today

“Come out from your limitation, be ye holy as I am holy. This happens as we go up to the Mountain where He is.

Isaiah 54:2 Enlarge the place of thy tent, and let them stretch forth the curtain of thy habitation, spare not, lengthen thy cords and strengthen thy stakes – for thou shalt break forth the on the right side and on the left side and thy seed shall inherit the gentiles and make the destitute cities to be inhabited.

Through Isaiah we see that it is time to walk by Faith as Abraham did when he left all he knew and moved at the call of God. Ultimately he left all, family, friends, wealth, Lot, and even Isaac when he laid him on that wood of sacrifice. That was faith in action, and God spared Isaac (by the way a type of Christ and God’s sacrifice for us) because Abraham believed God. Look at Sarah, in Gen 18 she was in the tent and heard the Angel of the Lord say that she would have a child. Her faith was built upon what she heard in her ears, by the Spirit and she came to faith to conceive that child. That is Isaiah 54 in action. 

It is time beloved! Let us heed the voice of God, learn of all the ways that God graced His people through the Study of His Love Letter to us, cover to cover…”
– Carol Tipton
(an excerpt of an email she sent me)

I was encouraged by this declaration of faith and hope. To those who have ears to hear God is speaking “In the Day” of things soon to come. This time which He has brought upon us, (where over three billion people are in lock-down), is to be a time of enlargement by the seeking Him. The limitations of our unbelief eviscerated by the seeing of Him. In the seeing of Him there is a knitting together of those who are His, no longer seeking fellowship in teachings about Him but by the joinings of “bone to His bone” through the wonder of the Law of His life flowing through the joints and bands of His Spirit.

Brian Troxel

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