One thought on “Leonard Ravenhill”

  1. Brian: I think it is very Providential that you posted the quote by Leonard Ravenhill on your blog earlier today. Just yesterday I read that exact same quote from that exact same post on my High Plains Drifter blog. Must be God’s perfect timing. What had happened was that I wanted to listen to a message by Ravenhill called “Abraham and Lot”, but the link was broken. So I was looking around my blog for some Ravenhill messages and I read that quote on obedience. Eventually I came across a great message by Ravenhill called “The Cost of Discipleship”; it is a really powerful sermon; Ravenhill preaches in the fire of the Holy Ghost. Another thing. Today is my sixtieth birthday, so reading that quote from Ravenhill on your blog was quite a birthday gift. God bless you in your work.
    Tim Shey

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