A Word in Season – Jürgen Moltmann

Quote for Today

“That is why faith, wherever it develops into hope, causes not rest but unrest, not patience but impatience. It does not calm the unquiet heart, but is itself this unquiet heart in man. Those who hope in Christ can no longer put up with reality as it is, but begin to suffer under it, to contradict it. Peace with God means conflict with the world, for the goad of the promised future stabs inexorably into the flesh of every unfulfilled present.”
― Jürgen Moltmann

2 thoughts on “A Word in Season – Jürgen Moltmann”

  1. Wow! Powerful quote. Reminds me of this quote:

    “Life without war is impossible either in nature or in grace. The basis of physical, mental, moral, and spiritual life is antagonism. This is the open fact of life.”

    –Oswald Chambers

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