A Word in Season – William J. Seymour

Quote for Today

“Any man that is saved and sanctified
can feel the fire burning in his heart,
when he calls on the name of Jesus”
-William J. Seymour

Quote for Today – Samuel Chadwick

Quote for Today

“The soul’s safety is in its heat. Truth without enthusiasm, morality without emotion, ritual without soul, make for a Church without power. Destitute of the Fire of God, nothing else counts; possessing Fire, nothing else matters.”
– Samuel Chadwick

Samuel Chadwick was the Principle at Cliff College when Leonard Ravenhill was attending.

Quote for Today – David Brainerd

Quote for Today

david brainerd

“Thirsting desires and longings possessed my soul after perfect holiness. God was so precious to my soul that the world with all its enjoyments appeared vile. I had no more value for the favor of men than for pebbles.”
– David Brainerd