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According to Year


A Brief Word on Revival

A Brief Introduction to the 4 Beasts of Daniel

Sober and Watching

What Is Righteousness

The Spirit of Knowledge and the Local Church


One New Man

Love’s Debt

The Law of Liberty

The Christ of Bethany

The Alef – Tav of God

Desire and Seeking


Believing Unto Becoming

Relationship – The Womb of Ministry

Tears into Fountains

Breakup Your Fallow Ground

The Only Two Questions We Ought To Ask

We Are Not Our Own

Staying In The River

The Strange Woman

The Fire of God

Serving God from a Fervent Heart

The Four-Fold Revelation of Christ in You


Hear Him and Follow Man No More

Strong Meat

Learning the Way of the Lord

The Truth of His Presence

Bethel El Bethel

Desire and Seeking

Directed Into The Love of God

The Mark of God



The Eyes of God

Brought In to Be Sent Out

The Four Cherubim & God’s Tapestry

True Worship – Part 1

True Worship – Part 2

Intro to the Opening of the First Four Seals


The Book of God

The Books of God

Bread, Wine and Oil

Prevailing Faith

The Mystery of Faith

Exhortation & Harmony

The Purpose of Ministry

The Foundation of the Lord

Foundations of The Lord – Walking in God

Foundations of The Lord – A Father’s Heart

The Mind of Christ – Eldership and the Home



The Church in Sardis

The Church of Laodicea

The Throne of God Part 1

Revelations 4 – Part 1

Revelations 4 – Part 2

Revelations 1 – 4

The Two Goats – The Foundation of Our Victory

The Effect of the Sevenfold Spirit of God

The Seven-Fold Spirit of God – Wisdom

The Seven-Fold Spirit of God – Understanding

The Seven-Fold Spirit of God – Councel and Might

The Seven-Fold Spirit of God – Knowledge

The 24 Elders – a Very Brief Introduction

The Sea of Glass



The Church at Philadelphia

The Church of the Laodiceans – Part 1

The Church of the Laodiceans – Part 2

The Church of the Laodiceans – Part 3