C.H. Mackintosh

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C.H. Mackintosh

“We have the Bible in our hands; but how little we know of its teaching! And how little are we governed by it! We go on, from week to week, year to year, with things which have no foundation whatever in its pages- yea, with things utterly opposed to its teaching; and, all the while, we boast of having the Scriptures, just like the Jews of old, who made their boast of having the oracles of God, while those very oracles condemned themselves and their ways, and left them without a single plea.”
C.H. Mackintosh

It is always good to hear the warnings from the preachers of old. There is safety in being exhorted to consider in our heart of hearts the words which cause us to look carefully at our alignment with His Word. May His Word govern the very core of our lives that we may live in its truth.

They who honor His Word honor Him.


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