Persistent Prayer

Persistent Prayer

“And he spake a parable unto them to this end,
that men ought always to pray, and not to faint”
Luke 18:1

“Our Lord warns us against feeble prayer. This means that we must possess enough enthusiasm to carry us through the severe and long periods of pleading prayer. Fire makes one alert, vigilant, and brings one out as more than a conqueror.

The atmosphere about us is too heavily charged with resisting forces for lifeless prayers to make any progress. It takes heat, fervency, and fire to push through to the heavens where God dwells with His saints.

Fervency before God counts in the hour of prayer and finds a speedy and rich reward at God’s hands.”
E.M. Bounds

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2 thoughts on “Persistent Prayer”

  1. Fire is an all or nothing deal. Our family fought a woods fire this last weekend. It was winning until we lit back fires from the roads and fields all around. Only fire could beat fire. Fire is so much bigger than us and the heat from even a small fire would kill us. No room for messing around. Our prayers for wisdom were not feeble. So many things had to go right in order to be on the winning side of this fire. Fire consumes anything burnable. Lots of analogies there Brian and yes fervency is of utmost importance.

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