“How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth
with the Holy Ghost and with power: who went about doing good,
and healing all that were oppressed of the devil;
for God was with him”

Acts 10:38

The power and evidence of the operation of the Holy Ghost in the life of Jesus was that he went about doing good. There are many who contend that the evidence of the Holy Ghost in a person’s life is speaking in tongues. While this may be it has been lost that the purpose of the Holy Ghost coming to his people from God’s perspective is to make us witnesses (Acts 1:8) through out the world unto him. We get caught up with so many things and lose sight of the reason why we are here. We are called unto love and good works. It is vital that we have the love of God burning in our hearts in such intensity that the result is a life that goes about doing good to those around us. The Holy Ghost operating in our lives is not only the power to deliver those that are oppressed, but to be filled with such love as to make that faith reach out to the lost. It is to such things that we have been called. We know that we are not saved by works but it is equally true that by doing good works we reveal that salvation that has been freely given to us. The servant is not above the master. If his life was lived in the context of this world by doing good are not we called to the same? A good fountain will give forth good water and a liberal soul will be expressed in generosity. These are the principles of fruit in his creation. Let us go out into this world with the lamp of the Lord burning brightly through the good works of those who have been empowered by His Spirit to walk as he walked.

Brian Troxel

One thought on “DOING GOOD”

  1. It becomes such a simple life to do that which is good for our neighbor. The Spirit says to us what do you have in your hand. All we are required to do is get our head up and be willing to be carried by the current of the Spirit. It can be as easy as stopping from the thing we are focused on and listening. It is amazing to do such a thing and have complete strangers share the very thing that is troubling them. So many times I find that I don’t even have to say anything, just the fact that someone is listening is enough to allow them to carry on. I also find the secret of a prayerful life is the fact that other people sense something and feel a trust that allows them to say things that they wouldn’t normally share. His life in us the very presence of His glory wrapped in flesh calling to His lost ones.

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