As They Went


“And it came to pass, that, as they went,
they were cleansed”
Luke 17:14

We want results.  God wants obedience.  The ten lepers mentioned here were sick, and they were outcasts.  They wanted healing, they needed healing and they cried out for healing.  The Word from the Son was a simple “go”.  Their condition had not changed but in spite of no change they obeyed and the cleansing came AS they walked, not before.  Leprosy represents the contagion of sin in a man’s life.

The human race is infected with this loathsome condition.  We see it around us, we see it in us and because of it we cry out for deliverance.  Men wait for change before they can do anything, the Son says walk and be made whole.  Faith requires no evidence to believe, it arises, always arises because it is independent of circumstances.  It matters not what our circumstances speak; our weaknesses are of no consequence in the realm of faith. Our failures have no legitimate claim to dampen our faith, for Faith rests in the accomplished work of the Son not the dismal failures of men.  Faith rests upon HIM for HE is its author not man.   Faith is not a “feeling” inherent in some people and not in others.  Faith is a power, a ministration of the Son, who HAS, IS and forever WILL look to any heart (regardless of condition) that will ALLOW God to show Himself strong on their behalf!

“For the eyes of the LORD run to and fro throughout the whole earth,
to show himself strong in the behalf of them whose heart is perfect toward him”
II Chronicles 16:9

I am just beginning to realize that faith is the “fruit” of a relationship with its author.  It comes to us as a free unmerited “gift”, but its real development in our lives is the result of Relationship with Jesus!  It is in “walking” with Him in the common course of life.   It is in the “going” when I feel crippled myself; in the realization that my cupboard is bare and crying out to HIM for provision that my brother may be fed. It is in our own weariness that we find strength to encourage and refresh others!  This is the core of true relationship with the SON!  Why do we linger and wait for some “experience” before we can “do” anything?  The Son right now is speaking, He is shining with light, love and glory and HIS provisions have not been withdrawn.  Faith reaches through the clouds of discouragement and failure and lays hold of HIM who is faithful and true.  HE has come, IS come and will continue to be our portion in the days ahead!

“Faith is an activity; it is something that has to be applied”
Corrie ten Boom (1892–1983)

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